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Upcoming in AZ: Jaguar Rising

Jaguar art on wall

(Photo credit Lauren Strohacker)

A celebratory activism experience to raise awareness about the impacts of the border wall on wildlife.

Join a community-led celebration of the incredible wildlife of the borderlands with artists, activists, and community members from across the region. There will be a panel discussion with jaguar experts, a procession to the border wall with animal masks and art, postcard writing, and a dynamic wildlife-themed installation projected on the wall.

Jaguar Rising in Five Acts
Saturday, May 11
5 – 9 p.m.
Suggested donation $12

Wittner Museum, 204 N Morley Ave, Nogales, AZ
Will Clipman – Percussionist, poet, mask maker
Virginia Maria Romero – Artist, poet, master santera
Gary Paul Nabhan – Author, ecologist, ethnobotanist
Panel discussion – Jaguars and the border wall

Procession to the wall

Wildlife projections on the wall
Lauren Strohacker – Eco-political artist

Reception at La Linea Art Studio, 32 N Morley Ave

Jaguar Rising is a volunteer-run, grassroots campaign with more than 20 environmental and humanitarian sponsoring organizations.

Un-Fragmenting / Des-Fragmentando from Lauren Strohacker on Vimeo

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Pat Kittle
2 months ago

Rewilding Staff:

Without massively unsustainable immigration our population would be headed in the direction of sustainability.

There are realistic ways to stop the insanity without a border wall.

Sadly, Rewilding is too woke to even pay lip service to any of them.

(PS: You know Dave Foreman would not have censored this constructive criticism.)

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