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Where Jaguars Roam

From the website of the Northern Jaguar Project

We invited Fork Tailed Media to the Northern Jaguar Reserve, and the result is a 13-minute documentary “Where Jaguars Roam,” released June 11, 2019. Filmmakers Ryan Olinger and Rita Leal Olinger set out to highlight the beauty of the reserve and the dedication it takes to protect the jaguar and all wildlife. We are thrilled to have this opportunity to visually transport you to the reserve, and our many thanks to Ryan and Rita for dreaming of and creating this production. Watch the film here.

Meet the young Eco-Guardians learning about jaguars and sharing their boundless enthusiasm with the local community. We have been getting kids outdoors with nature walks, river cleanups, tree plantings, hands-on camera trainings, and public art projects.

It feels like all of those activities were leading up to this past weekend when…

We took the first group of these kids camping.

Can you imagine being 12 years old and going on your first-ever camping experience on the Northern Jaguar Reserve?!

Even though these youngsters live in the nearest town, the reserve is difficult to reach. The Eco-Guardians played games as we traveled the long, bumpy road. And when we finally arrived, a whole new world opened up.

Continue reading this inspiring story.

You can see them come to life on the reserve in this short video.


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