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#7 Around the Campfire; To the Edge of the Universe With Julian Simon

In some circles, the late Julian Simon has fame as a Dragon Slayer. The Dragon that Sir Julian slew was the dread Doomsdayer. The largest and most fearsome of its many poisonous heads was Ehrlich. Not only did Sir Julian lop Ehrlich off with his magic sword Blind Optimism, he pried back the thick scale Malthus that covered the Black Jewel Prudence, an evil vat of pessimism and restraint, and pierced it with his eternally shining lance point Pollyanna, thereby showing Doomsdayer’s heart had no power. In the Fairy Tale world of Wall Street Journal cornucopians, this is the new favorite fable. But it has much wider acceptance than the libertarian right, witness The New York Times editorial welcoming the 300 millionth American last fall.

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