Wildlife corridors are necessary but not sufficient.  Equally important are people’s compassion for other creatures and our willingness to share the land with them. Until we – as consumers, farmers, foresters, land-owners, teachers … -- learn to coexist with all native species, including top carnivores, we will live in lands robbed of their keystone species and of other community members.

Rewilding recognizes that fundamental reform of wildlife governance is a precursor to successful carnivore recovery.  

Wildlife and land management agencies should conserve and restore the full range of biological diversity, not maximize “game” numbers, as they presently do. Such a sea-change in how our wild neighbors are treated will require much more public participation, especially at the state level, by all who care about wildlife. It will also require that we as consumers be willing to pay a little more for products grown or made in wildlife-friendly ways.  

Again, we seek success stories of people coexisting with sensitive and wide-ranging wildlife.  We invite input on how to reform wildlife agencies so as to embrace the full flowering of life on Earth, and how to foster farming with the wild practices. – editors, spring 2018

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