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Episode 103: On The Construction Side Of Restoration Ecology With Matt Koozer

About Matt Koozer

As Senior Restoration Ecologist & Construction Mgr. for Biohabitats, Matt has 24 years of experience leading design-build teams in water resources management and habitat restorations. He has managed all phases of river, estuary, wetland and riparian restoration and management projects, with a focus on habitat restoration construction. Matt has been involved in over 150 habitat restoration projects including dam removal, channel realignment, estuary levee breaching, engineered log jams and riffles, and fish passage projects including culvert replacements and water intake diversion and fish screening modifications.

Matt is dedicated to the restoration of ecosystems via smart, efficient design solutions and innovative construction means and methods. Matt currently leads Biohabitats self-performing construction services from Portland, Oregon. For fun, Matt enjoys fishing, skiing, and playing guitar is his neighborhood dad rock project Templeton Peck.

  • Dam removal in the Pacific Northwest
  • Before, during, and after construction and demolition projects
  • How to get involved with restoration projects near you
  • The results of 24 years of restoration work around the Portland area
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