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Episode 96: Saying Goodbye To Dave Foreman And Keeping His Fight For Nature Alive


To support the continuation of Dave’s work at The Rewilding Institute, please sign up for our newsletter here and consider donating here. Thanks to everyone who has sent messages, songs, poems, and condolences in the past week. They have been a great comfort to your friends here at TRI and to Dave’s family.

Bart Kohler’s song to Dave…

To the tune of Amazing Grace

Walk in the woods, you know I’m here;
When a Chickadee lands near!
(“Chickadee” “Chickadee” call)

The cries of the Loon echo in the night
The calls so bright and clear!

Oh Wilderness how sweet the sound
My spirit soars today…….
You will hear me when the lone Wolf howls;
I won’t be far away!


@Bart Koehler/Johnny Sagebrush

5 Little Birds and Their Lessons was taken from Dave’s talk at the Western Wilderness Conference in Berkeley in 2010. He dedicated the talk to Polly Dyer who was there.

“We all don’t have to be saints on this planet to do something for it. We don’t have to have our philosophy honed down to the nth degree. There’s room for inconsistency, but do something!” -Dave Foreman

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