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Greenpeace is Dead

Posted by Jack Humphrey

The video you are about to see is shocking, disgusting, and not fit for the timid.

Greenpeace is now eating whales to prove their love of the Japanese culture and supposedly, hold on to your hat, “save the whales.”

Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought my time at Greenpeace in the early 90’s was helping to protect whales. Had I known a representative of Greenpeace would be seen on video proudly eating whale meat, I’d have burned the Washington, D.C. office to the ground!

Greenpeace is absolutely dead. The spirit is completely gone.

“Whale-Love Wagon 03 – Grandmothers’ home whale recipe”

Can you imagine the ACLU taking part in racial profiling or beating a black man in downtown L.A. to bridge the gap between them and the racists?

How about finding the last remaining cannibal tribes and enjoying some human remains with them in order to appreciate their culture?

Or a national wife beating day to bring attention to and make friends with wife beaters?

I am ashamed I ever had anything to do with Greenpeace. I was young and I believed in what they were doing way back then.

Many of the people there at the time believed in what they were doing too.

Today, the organization is no more. In my personal opinion, when you literally eat the very thing you were founded to protect, you should lose your non profit status and someone should have to do time for fraudulent fundraising practices.

Here’s Paul Watson’s response to the video above.

The statements above are solely the opinion of Jack Humphrey, a Rewilding Institute Fellow and former Greenpeace fundraiser at the Washington, D.C. canvas office in the very early 90’s.

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Ramya K - April 10, 2008

I see you have posted on your blog footage from Whale Love Wagon. But I did some research and neither of the hosts, Ivan nor Yuki, were Greenpeace staff; they were independent of Greenpeace. Ivan’s choice to eat whale meat was his alone and not endorsed by Greenpeace.

I think Greenpeace has shown a real commitment to the anti-whaling cause. Just this year, Greenpeace stopped the whalers in the Southern Ocean by chasing a Japanese big factory ship for over 2 weeks, effectively halting the entire whaling program and saving more than 100 whales from being killed! Plus I know that Greenpeace activists often put themselves at risk in order to save individual whales by putting themsleves in between the harpoons and hunted whales!

It breaks my heart when whales are killed; but slandering well-intentioned organisations which have done a lot of work for the anti-whale cause by raising awareness of the problem and taking real action, simply fuels pettiness and diverts attention from the real concern of saving whales.

Kevin - August 5, 2010

@Ramya K – I believe you are confusing Greenpeace with the Sea Shepherds Conservation Society.

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