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Mount St. Helens (c) George Wuerthner

News and Alerts: Oct. 2018

News about Wildlife, Wildfire, Grazing, and other Wild topics, from George Wuerthner and friends

10.8.18 The Wildlife News — Pryor Mountains for Wilderness It’s time for Billings to stand up and recognize that the Pryor Mountains are an ecological and economic asset that deserves greater protection and recognition for its unique features.

10.8.18 The Wildlife News, Livestock’s Impact on Wilderness Livestock grazing occurs on some 260 million acres of federal lands, including lands administered by the Forest Service (FS), Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Fish and Wildlife Service Refuges (FWS) and even some national parks (NPS) and continues in many designated wilderness areas.

10.7.18 The New York Times, Opinion, David Leonhardt, Get Angry, and Get Involved, The midterm elections are the smart way to make your influence felt  The only good solution to this mess involves fighting for democratic principles.

9.22.2018, The Wildlife News, Response to Gallatin Working Group on North Bridger Logging Proposal The editorial by Joe Prinkki and Joe Skinner, members of the Custer-Galatin Working Group, asserts that the forest is “unhealthy” and at risk of death from wildfires and bark beetles. Bark beetles are “keystone” species that research demonstrates increases biodiversity in the forest. Similarly, wildfires are among the most important natural processes creating and enhancing wildlife habitat in our forests.

9.6.18 The Wildlife News, Limestone West proposal could sever wildlife corridor One of the misinformed logging and intensifying recreation projects in the northern Gallatin Range, the Limestone West Timber Sale on the Gallatin Face will eliminate the last remaining relatively untouched forested area connecting the Gallatin Range south of I-90 corridor with the Bridger Range to the north.

9.4.2018 Radio interviews of George Wuerthner on KGVM, Bozeman, MT The first interview deals with fire ecology issues, and the second is a discussion of the creation of the Wilderness Act and why we need more wilderness designation. George specifically discusses the Gallatin Range proposal and why we need to protect places like the Buffalo Horn Porcupine area.

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