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A Kids Guide to Ecological Restoration

A Kids Guide to Ecological Restoration

The rate of habitat destruction caused by human land use and climate change is accelerating. To reverse this loss of biodiversity and habitat degradation, ecological restoration, or ‘the process of assisting in the recovery of a damaged habitat’ is becoming a priority worldwide.

Kids need to know what ecological restoration is because they can take an active part in it!

With simple descriptions, colorful pictures and a hopeful tone, this book will introduce children (aged 6-11) to ecological restoration, including summaries of some of the largest projects going on worldwide and examples of how anyone young and old can get involved in restoration – in their backyard, school or local park.

You can find the book on amazon.

A Kids Guide to Ecological Restoration is written by Dr. Elise Gornish and illustrated by Daniela Cafaggi. Released June 7, 2022.

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