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Embers from the Campfire #4

Can you find the kitty?

Above is a picture from a camera trap project to monitor the fauna of the Rio Mora Refuge. The project is run by Shantini Ramakrishnan, program coordinator at Rio Mora.

In the left of the picture is the back of a wet bison, and in the picture is a camouflaged puma. Based on head shape, the puma in this picture is most likely a female because males have a rounder face due to larger masseter muscles.

It took Eagle Eye Dave Foreman about 20 seconds to see it. How long will it take you?


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David & CC White
3 years ago

It took my wife and I a good deal longer than 20 seconds to find that puma. Ultimately we zoomed in repeatedly on the image, and finally, there it was. Once we had it in view, we wondered how we could have missed it. Of course, we don’t see pumas face on just every day, or ever, for that matter. Great fun. Good challenge. Humbling.

Bruce Morgan
3 years ago

The weak eyed Weazel is embarrassed that El Tigre, who is even older, so easily beat me at this game. Any hints?

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